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About The Project

Cult Dao, is a new cryptocurrency which launched this year. The purpose of CULT Dao is to empower and fund those building and contributing towards our decentralised future. Our society is built to make it as difficult as possible to break away from societal, economic and other norms.

Our Approach

We designed a unique logo, designed and developed their website website and drew custom illustrations. All which culminated in a unique and interactive website including sound effects to create an emersive experience for the user.

The Results

Within a week of launching, the Cult Dao token jumped 15% in value and has consistently performed well since the website has launched. You can view their token like on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cult-dao

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Main Features

Website For A Crypto Token Mobile Design

Interactive Website

We created an emersive website which creates a unique experience for the user.

Responsive Design

The website is fully responsive which works perfectly on all devices; phones, tablets and desktop.

Logo Design

Our talented in-house illustrator drew a unique logo specifically for the client's needs which is also used as the cryptocurrency token's icon.


As well as the logo, our we drew detailed illustrations which were then digitalised for use on the website.

Background Music

To add to the experience, we added background music to the website which is played upon the user's arrival.

The designs were very successful, the final product was extremely on guidelines.

Rom Ryo, Co-founder – Cult Dao

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