E-commerce Website & App For An Innovative Tracking Product

About The Project

SatTrack offers a variety of long-lasting, battery-powered trackers suited for every lifestyle. Whether it’s for outdoor adventures or discreet tracking needs, they’ve got a solution. All while saving customers from costly SIM contracts and utilising Europe’s largest network for uninterrupted service.

Our Approach

With a firm focus on creating an intuitive user experience, we transformed Satrack’s website into a modern and user-friendly platform. Our goal was to streamline the online purchasing process, making it easier for customers to find and buy the perfect tracker for their needs. By incorporating contemporary design elements and clear navigation, we’ve made Satrack’s cutting-edge products accessible and attractive to a wider audience.

The Results

Since the launch of the revamped website, Satrack has experienced a significant increase in online engagement and sales conversions. The streamlined purchasing process has led to a reduction in cart abandonment rates and has improved the overall customer experience. More importantly, Satrack’s unique products are now reaching a broader audience, boosting the brand’s recognition and positioning it as a leader in the field of battery-powered tracking solutions.

"The Waywest Design team overdelivered. I'm blown away by the quality of work they pulled off in just six weeks.

If you understand the value of saving weeks or months of time and actually getting to work, this is design agency for you.

I'm used to working with agencies that are full of excuses and want to take 3-6 months to finish a project. Nothing but praise for Waywest design, hope to work with you all again in the future."

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