Building Online Presence for AI company, Deep Medical

About The Client

Deep Medical is a pioneering healthcare company specialising in leveraging deep learning technologies to enhance diagnostic accuracy, streamline patient care processes, and facilitate groundbreaking research in the medical field. Their commitment to integrating advanced AI within healthcare systems positions them at the forefront of medical innovation.

Our Approach

The primary objective of this project was to design and develop a highly intuitive, secure, and scalable website that serves as a platform for Deep Medical to showcase their cutting-edge AI solutions, attract potential clients and partners, and provide an informative resource for the healthcare community.

The Results

We delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations, setting a new standard in digital design for the healthcare industry. Our collaborative approach and tailored strategies ensured that Deep Medical’s vision was realised, paving the way for their continued success and leadership in the integration of AI within healthcare.

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To make Deep Medical’s complex AI technologies approachable, Waywest Design crafted concise animations that simplify these systems into engaging visuals. These animations played a key role on the website, transforming intricate AI processes into straightforward, understandable stories. This strategy enhanced user engagement and comprehension, showcasing Waywest Design’s skill in using graphic techniques to effectively communicate complex ideas.

Website Design

Waywest Design innovatively incorporated interactive elements into Deep Medical’s website, transforming it into an immersive digital experience. This interactive journey enabled users to navigate through the functionalities of Deep Medical’s AI technologies via hands-on demonstrations and real-life applications. This creative execution not only elevated user engagement but also illustrated Waywest Design’s adeptness in crafting engaging and informative online environments, making complex information accessible and captivating for all visitors.

"Highly recommend"

"Jack is attentive listens and is proactive. Professional and keen to make edits in an iterative manner. Highly recommend."

Benyamin Deldar - Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer
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