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6 Social Media Tips For Targeting Your Niche

Social media can boost the sales of your niche, and with platforms to choose from such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram, knowing how to target your audience is an art form.

6 Social Media Tips For Targeting Your Niche

Regardless of your niche attracting your audience on social media can be done with a little effort, and a click of a button. A niche business may not be the most popular kid at the party, but that does not mean your niche business cannot develop friends, followers and fans. There is something for everyone, learning how to market it can develop it beyond your wildest dreams Here I will examine six ways to make the most of your social media platform to market your niche.

1. Use your platform to interact with your consumers

Excellent customer service gives you the ability to be aware of your customers needs, fulfill personal request and build consumer loyalty. Clients will thank you for it, and leave you a note that will lighten up your account. Also liking posts, sharing links and photos increases your presence, catches the eye of your audience and allows for a two way communication. Listen to what your customers have to say, just as a positive review will add a sparkle to your account a negative review can absolutely throw it in the bin. Listen to what your consumers are saying, and learn from your mistakes.

2. Update frequently

Develop a strategy for posting and uploading to your sight, and do it often. Social media users have loads of connections, you will easily be lost in the shuffle if you do not share with the your fan base frequently. Make sure you do it across all of your platforms as well. There are social media apps and tools that will publish your update across the board, saving you time to work on the next idea. Apps that publish across all of your social media platforms include; Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Hubspot, Sprinklr and more. Plan your moves carefully, as in any business, niche or not you will need a strategy to accomplish your goals, social media should not be an exception to this rule.

3. Keep an eye on your competitors

Watch the tactics and approach they use in their marketing campaign. Pay attention to what they post and when they are posting. What is working for them, what are their connections like and what are their most popular posts? How is your social media sight doing in comparison? You can learn from your competitors without having to use dishonest methods, there are several tools on the market for tracking your competitors strategies and results, such as MixRank, Adbeat and WhatRunsWhere. You can learn a lot about your niche by watching the trends on your competitors social media accounts. Track their progress to learn how you can improve.

4. Pay for someone else to do it for you

There are an increasing number of social media advertisers. These advertisers will target the demographics of your niche, and post your brand in their feeds. The most popular feed to advertise on are; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google plus. Be sure you know what your goal is before you begin as different advertisers will offer separate results. Are you trying to increase the traffic to your account, increase sales or is it more visibility you’re looking for? Be sure to answer these questions before you consult an advertiser as well as your budget.

5. Don’t be frivolous when posting

Carefully consider what you’re going to show to your viewers. Your brand is what you are representing, so make sure your posts are relevant as well as capturing. You will want your friends, followers and fans to take a few seconds out of their day to stop and look at what you have to say. Plan your posts, and be careful to make sure they are relevant, wedding photos of your best friends wedding are beautiful and should remain on the walls of your office, not on your business social media account, keep it relevant.

6. Make sure your consumers get an advantage to following you

What are you providing, that they cannot receive simply by checking in on your website? Are you offering promotional discounts if they like, follow or friend you on your page? Are they receiving customer support from you social media channels, basically what is it you have to offer a consumer that has a plethora of options? Be sure to keep it interesting as well, try a contest or a raffle, engage your audience, allow them to play, make them want to visit your page to see what you’re up to next.

These are six key ways to build your niche business using social media. As they say, there is something for everyone and nothing proves that more than the incredibly expansive world wide web. Targeting your audience can take you throughout the world, around the globe and right back to your home town. Know your audience and who you want to market to, communicate with your audience, make offers that will bring them back for more, and build your business to new heights.

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