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As we step into 2024, the world of web design is experiencing dynamic shifts, with emerging trends reshaping the digital landscape. Staying ahead of these trends is essential for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that resonate with today’s audiences.

Let’s delve into the hottest design trends that are making waves and explore why they matter in the ever-evolving world of web design.

2024 Web Design Trends - 3D Websites

3D Elements

A prominent trend that continues to dominate the web design scene is the integration of 3D elements. According to a recent study by Design Week, a staggering 73% of users express a preference for websites that incorporate 3D visuals.

Hubspot shows 20 examples of awesome 3d websites here. This immersive experience not only captivates visitors but also enhances engagement and brand recall. As technology advances, more websites are leveraging 3D elements to create interactive and memorable user experiences. From product displays to entire website environments, 3D design is becoming a powerful tool for creating a lasting impact on website visitors.

2024 Web Design Trends - Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Dark mode has transitioned from a design trend to a user preference and is now considered a standard feature on many websites and applications.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Dark Mode for Your Next Web Design Project.

Users who opt for dark mode experience a 34% reduction in eye strain. This statistic underscores the importance of incorporating dark mode as an option for users, not only for its health benefits but also for its modern and sleek aesthetic.

As we move into 2024, websites without dark mode may risk appearing outdated to users who have come to expect this feature. Embracing dark mode can enhance the overall user experience, especially in low-light conditions, and contribute to a website’s contemporary look and feel.

2024 Web Design Trends - Micro-Interactions


Micro-interactions involve subtle animations or interactive elements that respond to user actions. These small but delightful touches contribute to a more engaging and dynamic user experience. 70% of users find websites more appealing when they incorporate micro-interactions.

From animated buttons to hover effects, these details may seem minor, but they play a significant role in creating a positive and memorable user journey. As we progress further into 2024, expect to see an increase in websites leveraging micro-interactions to enhance user delight and interaction.

Here are 14 Microinteraction Examples That Enhance the User Experience.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds have become a popular trend in web design, offering a dynamic and immersive visual experience. Websites with video backgrounds can experience a significant increase in user engagement. Whether showcasing product features, brand storytelling, or creating a mood, video backgrounds grab attention and communicate messages more effectively than static images. The Waywest Design Homepage is a perfect example of implementing an effective video background.

However, it’s essential to optimise video files for faster loading times and consider user preferences, providing an option to disable autoplay to ensure a seamless user experience. TheNextTech has a great article: Analysing the Impact of Video Backgrounds: A Trend in Web Design.

2024 Web Design Trends - Custom TypographyCustom Typography

Typography is not just about choosing a font; it’s about creating a visual hierarchy and conveying brand personality. In 2024, we’re witnessing a resurgence of bold and creative typography choices.

Read LinkedIn’s take on the benefits and drawbacks of using web fonts vs. system fonts.

Therefore, brands are experimenting with unique fonts, oversized typefaces, and creative arrangements to stand out in a sea of digital content. Custom typography can elevate brand identity and create a memorable visual impression. As you update your website’s design, consider how typography can contribute to a cohesive and distinctive brand image.

2024 Web Design Trends - Minimalism


The “less is more” philosophy in design continues to thrive in 2024. Minimalist design focuses on simplicity, clarity, and functionality. Minimalist websites tend to load faster, offer a better user experience, and convey a sense of elegance.

So, clean layouts, ample white space, and well-chosen elements create a visually appealing and user-friendly environment. Minimalism aligns with the need for fast-loading websites and provides a timeless aesthetic that can adapt to changing design trends. Read The Power of Simplicity: How Minimalist Website Design Can Benefit Your Brand by Atak.

2024 Web Design Trends - Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is no longer confined to gaming applications; it’s becoming a valuable tool in web design. AR elements can enhance user interaction by overlaying digital information in the real world. For example, furniture retailers can allow users to visualise how a piece would look in their homes.

Therefore, integrating AR into your website can provide a cutting-edge and interactive experience, fostering user engagement and leaving a lasting impression. Our article talks more about Augmented Reality in Web Design: The Future of Immersive User Experiences – Read it here.

Eco-Friendly Web Design

Sustainability is not only a buzzword in environmental discussions but also in web design. Consumers are becoming more conscious of environmentally friendly practices, and this extends to the digital realm. Sustainable web design involves optimising website performance, reducing carbon footprints, and making conscious choices in hosting and development.

Furthermore, considerations such as energy-efficient servers, reduced page sizes, and eco-friendly design principles contribute to a sustainable digital presence. As sustainability becomes a key focus globally, incorporating eco-friendly practices into your web design aligns with both ethical and consumer expectations.

Here are 10 sustainable website designs that will inspire you by Ryte Magazine.


In conclusion, the world of web design in 2024 is characterised by innovation, user-centricity, and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Incorporating these trends into your web design strategy not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to a seamless and engaging user experience. Whether embracing 3D elements for immersive visuals, integrating dark mode for a modern aesthetic, or leveraging AR for interactive user experiences, each trend brings a unique dimension to the evolving landscape of web design.

In addition, as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital realm, let these trends guide your approach to creating websites that captivate, resonate, and stand out in a competitive online space.

Keep your website on the cutting edge, and let Waywest Design be your partner in achieving digital excellence. Contact us today to explore how we can bring these trends to life on your website, ensuring it remains a dynamic and innovative reflection of your brand in 2024 and beyond.